Fat Guy's Favorite Web Links

Just some of my favorite spots on the 'net.  Some of these are my regular sources of info for this site, others are just good fun.

ESPN.com "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons -  Only the funniest journalist writing today, and as a bonus, he writes about sports.  Constant laugh-out-loud one-liners, funny stories with his buddies, pop culture references on par with old school Dennis Miller, sports focus on the NFL and NBA, and even his readers are funny when he does his Mailbag once a month.

Grantland -  The aforementioned "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons finally got big enough to garner his own website (though still linked to ESPN.com).  He teamed up with some of the best up-and-coming sports feature writers in the biz, paired it with some movie and pop culture stuff, and begat Grantland.  Check out anything by Grantland/ESPN columnist Wright Thompson.

The MacTavish Chronicles -  My buddy Tim's alter ego blogs about random political issues, current events, pop culture, and sports.  Funny, insightful, opinionated, strange, and scary bright.

CriTiki -  The pre-emminent site for discovering tiki bars nationwide.  Expert reviews, reader recommendations, and links to tiki gear for your home bar.  I'm a sucker for a good old school tiki bar.  They're a dying breed, but so much fun.

The Ultimate Strip Club List : This is about as legit a site as I've found for locating good Gentlemen's clubs.  Reader ratings and reviews give good insight, although (of course) you have to pay to join the site to read the full reviews.  You can still glean enough info from the free content to guage if a club is worthwhile.

ESPN's Sports Travel Pages -  ESPN's profiles of all the great pro sports towns, with links to stadium and ticket info, restaurant recommendations, travel info, golf courses, etc.


Beer Cart Girls :

Everybody loves the beer cart girl.  Unless you play alot of golf with your wife or girlfriend, chances are the beer cart girl is the hottest (or only) woman you've seen for the past 5 hours on any given Saturday.

Here's what you see (on a good day) :

And here's what you imagine :

And here's what the experience is really like for her:

I know you're wondering... the model's name is Tiffany Crystal. Google her Images page... totally worth it.

Check out: BeerCartGirl.com , Bad Golfer's Beer Cart Girl Gallery , , , Miss Beer Cart , Beer Cart Girl Book , Tee Time Girls , , Caddy Girls ,

Caddy Chicks -  When I first stumbled onto this site, I realized the inevitability of it, yet could still scarcely believe it.  Caddy Chicks is part Craigslist, part modeling agency, part golf buddy forum, part E-Harmony, and throw in maybe just a hint of escort service.  Mostly younger women, from Jane Q. Public to Holly H. Hottie, create caddy profiles on the website (typically complete with sexy pix of themselves), offer their "caddy" services (and name their own rates), then Joe Horndog golfer peruses the profiles in his area and hires a "caddy" for a round (more or less as eye candy), usually at an hourly rate.  By all appearances, the vast majority of the "basic caddies" on the site have probably only been on a golf course once or twice in their lives, although a select few do mention things like growing up on a golf course and/or getting into the game at a young age.  The girls range from average-looking girl-next-door (and not necessarily in that Playboy -Girl-Next-Door kinda way) to legit- Playboy -Girl-Next-Door hotties, and they charge everything from $12-$200 an hour (most of the $200-an-hour girls were in places like Vegas and L.A. and bore a vague resemblance to strippers... make your own judgements about what they might be willing to do for those rates).  I'd say on average, the profile pics were of mostly-attractive girls who were usually in the 5-to-8 range, and the average hourly rate was in the $20-$40 ballpark.

A couple customer reviews I read online actually made the experience sound kinda lame, as these inexperienced schmos no doubt fell into the typical traps of such an arrangement:  "She didn't carry my bag [ like you really expected her to?! ], she barely looked like the sexy pics in her profile, she dressed nothing like the sexy pics in her profile, she wasn't even wearing makeup, she just rode in the cart and texted with her boyfriend the whole round, I realize it was 60 degrees but geez why'd she have to wear a jacket and not show any cleavage."  If you expect her to just show up and ooze sexiness without you specifically requesting it up front (and probably paying extra for it), think again.  Once she shows up to your tee time (dressed plain Jane or otherwise), you're already obligated to pay her, and she's already won the battle.

While I can't claim to have ever utilized their services, it seems to me that a strip club mentality can easily be applied here, not all that different from shopping for a couch dance.  Outline your expectations and what she's prepared to deliver UP FRONT (style of dress, hair, makeup, duties, interaction, and don't forget punctuality --hot girls are ALWAYS late).  Note: the more you request, the higher her hourly rate is likely to go.  And do it on the proverbial barstool next to the stage (i.e. online before you book her, in this case), before you ever agree to go in the metaphorical back room and shell out a couple hundred bucks or so (i.e. book her to meet you at the course).  If you do come to an accord and book her, and she shows up and more or less lives up to your requests, still make no mistake about it; she's a mercenary who's using her hot-ness as a near-effortless way to transfer a large amount of cash from your pocket to hers.  It'll still help if you turn on the charm, keep the free food and drinks flowing, and more or less treat it like a date in some respects.  Additonal tipping for special requests once you're well away from the clubhouse couldn't hurt either.  If you're lucky she might join you for a drink or two in the grill room afterwards, but don't get suckered into thinking it's going any further than that.

Playboy Golf - The dream we all dream of...

Pinup Golf -  Hire these cuties to show up at your charity tournament clad in tartan miniskirts.

Frivolity In Golf : Sites in a similar vein to Fat Guy Golf

OOBGolf.com - Thanks to Andrew at OOBGolf for the .

- Check out their 19th Hole page for jokes, funny videos, babes, etc.

TwoGuysWhoGolf - Thoughtful course reviews from two regular Joes.

NiceBallz - Check out their

Loudmouth Golf -  Three words:  John.  Daly's.  Pants.

Greg McGregor's Golf Blog - First off, Greg McGregor isn't his real name, it's a nickname of the worst kind--self-imposed.  This was the first pic I ever saw when I opened up this blog.  Self-explanatory why I'm now a fan.

Natalie Gulbis stretching on the range

The Orlando Golf Blogger - Originally just about golf in Orlando, this blog has expanded into everything from Tour news to reviews on good golf socks. A pop-up from the home page immediately shows another Natalie Gulbis stretching pic, so I became a quick fan.

The Usual Suspects : The big names in golf online and in print.

Golf Digest - They spend way too many pages on inteviews, Tour coverage, and swing instruction (when's the last time your handicap dropped 2 strokes from reading a magazine article?), they've gotten a little too highbrow for Joe Middle Class golfer, and it sucks that there's usually only about 6 pages per issue on course profiles and travel articles.  The travel articles they do have are decent, even if they're written by the same tired old staff writers, often aimed at the same tired old upscale resorts (most of which we can't afford), and they never really rip a joint because it's all comped.  Still, their course ratings, rankings, and online course listings are a good source of info on where to play.

Golf Magazine -  They seem to dedicate a few more pages to course profiles and travel articles than GD , and they're a tad less snooty.  They combined their website with the old Golfcourse.com awhile ago, and in my opinion, they have the most comprehensive (albeit basic) info on their course listings.

T&L Golf-  This uber-upscale golf mag went belly up in April '09.  Some termed their glossy pix of far-flung courses "golf porn", some called their writing elitist (me included in more than one letter to the editor), and only the top 2% of incomes could afford most of what was profiled on their pages.  Still, their detailed travel guide format was one of the inspirations for this site.  Since their golf website was taken down, you can still find some of their old golf travel articles on the Travel & Leisure website, but Fat Guy Golf is one of the few remaining places on the net where you can still find many of their travel profiles.

Golf Channel - The website features a good section on golf travel destinations and course listings, but minimal mentions of off-course attractions, restaurants, etc.

The two best reason to watch the network are uber-cutie Lauren Thompson's GolfNow Destination Golf Iand Morning Drive's Holly Sonders .

The website features a Lauren's itinerary section (gotta love some of the pants she wears on that show).  Who knew Lauren was previously a bikini model, TNA wrestling backstage 'reporter', and starred in a Sevendust video?

Your hotness rating of Lauren just went up a full point-and-a-half, didn't it?

And Holly played college golf at Michigan State prior to bringing her hotness to brighten golfer's mornings.

PGATour.com -  Surprisingly good travel articles about Tour-stop cities in their "About Town" section.

Fox Sports Golf Page - Shockingly good Tour content, the best of any of the network webpages, and an EveryMan approach.  The link to their Babes page doesn't hurt.

TravelGolf -  A decent source for golf destination profiles, travel info, and links to good deals, but many of their articles are brief and a little too Cliff Notes for my tastes.  Often with limited info on where to dine, drink, and other touristy stuff to do.

Links Magazine - Good Cliff-Note-length recommendations on destinations and courses, complete with where to grub and stay, but again they're aiming at an uber-upscale audience that misses the mark (and budget) of Joe Average golf nut.

World Golf - If you're venturing outside the U.S. and need to know where to play, this is the ultimate authority, with links to associated regional sites like www.CaribbeanGolf.com and www.VegasGolf.com .

Golf Club Atlas -  A level of knowledge, detail, and opinion on golf course architecture beyond the major golf mags (outside of Golf Digest's Ron Whitten).  In-depth course architecture reviews of great courses listed by country, interviews with big name architects, golfers, and behind-the-scenes guys you've never heard of, along with a cool timeline of golf course architecture.

Golf Vacation Insider - "Where To Play, Where To Stay, and What To Pay".  While Fat Guy Golf is obviously more of a hobby than a profession, these guys apparently take golf vacations for a living ( Where do I apply?! ), and it shows.  Good original travel articles and great course/destination reviews from their sister site Golf Odyssey (and they do it all on their own dime--no comps--so they're not afraid to trash a joint... wow, remember integrity?), but the annual price for their newsletter ($150) seems pretty hefty for anyone who isn't taking at least 3 serious golf trips a year (although they claim their tips make it break-even in savings over 2 or 3 rounds of vacation golf and overnight stays).

The A Position - Their tag line: "A network of great golf and travel writing by great journalists."

Golf Road Warriors - Four golf journalists take a buddy trip annually, and chronical their trips with articles and video.  Past destinations include Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Gaylord MI, Scotland, Reynolds Plantation, Myrtle Beach, Vegas, and Casa De Campo.


The Ultimate Golf Directory -  Hundreds of websites, for everything golf.

Discount Tee Times :


Last Minute Tee Times


Travel Channel - I especially dig their Top 10 shows (Top 10 Waterparks) and "Food Paradise" shows (Hamburger Paradise, Steak Paradise).  That short-haired Samantha chick is kinda annoying, but overall I get some good info from both the channel and the website.

Food Network -  Another great network/website source of restaurant info.

Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives -  I dig Guy's style (especially that Camaro SS... and where's he get those cool shades?), and I'm addicted to this show.  Watching "Triple D" causes more unhealthy snacking in my house than anything else (besides beer munchies).

Flavortown USA - Guy's "Triple D" section of the Food Network site is frustratingly organized by episode rather than geography, so this great Triple D fan site breaks down Guy's various stops by locale with web links to each joint, including a cool interactive map.

Ralph's Roadmap For Wings -  A fun amateur site with personal and reader recommendations on good Buffalo wing spots (by city) world wide.

the bar - The best drink recipe site I've found, they break down their massive drink database into categories:  By occasion (pool party, casino night), brand of booze, and type of liquor.

Zane Lamprey's Drinking Made Easy - I've been a fan of Zane Lamprey's pub-crawl travelogue/drinking-game/show ever since the first episodes of his original series, Three Sheets , aired on Spike back in about 2009. He's since changed networks to HD Net and changed the name of the show to Drinking Made Easy . In each episode, Zane and his crew descend on a city and explore its best bars and local beers, spirits, drinks, and wines. It's basically the same show as Three Sheets , and recently they've started to run alot of new first-run episodes from out of the way towns like Boise and St. Augustine. Zane's website has cool episode guides from both shows (which I incorporate into my local profiles when I can), and an even cooler line of drinking clothes and gear (like the sweet baseball cap that has a bottle opener built into the brim).

BABES (Mostly SFW):

- I don't know who the guy is at The Chive that has a massive collection of some of the just plain sexiest photos on the planet, but they post some great themed collections of hot babes pix daily.  A recent favorite:  "Cleavage Soup For The Soul".

-  College girls, humor, cheerleaders, celebs, models, you name it.  A low-brow online version of Maxim (if that's possible).  It's good for what ails ya.

Maxim -  I can tell I'm getting old because their sense of humor escapes me, but I'm extremely partial to their Hometown Hotties contests.

The Bleacher Report -  A much funner (is that a word?) alternative to ESPN for sports news.  Check out their Swagger page for great daily sports-related babe pic collections.

Fox Sports Babes Page - aka "Incomplete Coverage".  Cheerleaders, coeds, WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends, i.e. athletes' arm candy), MMA ring girls, NHL ice girls, celebs, etc.