Philly Steakhouse & Golf Weekend

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De l Frisco's Philly

After local legend Bookbinder's faded from seafood institution to tourist trap and then a 3-year hiatus, Philly morphed from a seafood town to a steakhouse town.

The haughty waitstaff at uber-masculine stalwart The Saloon assured it's reign as Philly's King of Beef for years before a bevvy of new steakhouses popped up since the early Otts.

I've broken down Philly's steakhouse options based on who you're going to dinner with, and paired each choice with a Greater Philly area golf course to match, so you can build up an appetitie.

Golf & Steak with the Wife/Girlfriend:

"Meeting", Golf & Steak with Business Clients:

Golf & Steak with Golf Buddies:

Golf & Steak with the young guys from the office:

Golf & Steak with your Father:  You want somewhere classic

Golf & Steak with your Father-In-Law:

Golf & Steak with your Son:

Golf & Steak with your Son and his buddies:

Philadelphia Magazine gives 5 star ratings to Starr's Barclay Prime and The Capital Grille (high powered hangout, polished service, pricey, order the dry-aged 24 oz. porterhouse), and 4 star ratings to Butcher & Singer (more Stephen Starr Mid-Western kitsch, with hulking crisply seared steaks but un-bold sides, order the Indian Ridge Prime 28-day dry-aged porterhouse), Del Frisco's Double Eagle (grandiose and visually stimulating, soaring ceilings, wall of windows, waitresses in little black skirts, perfectly seasoned steaks, a local's favorite, order the 16-ounce bone-in filet with the potatoes gratin), Fleming's Prime (all the trappings of a traditional steakhouse without the intimidation factor, stiff drinks, massive portions, even bigger checks, sleek decor, a wine geek's dream list, updated apps, well-seasoned steaks, order the 22 oz. bone-in ribeye), Morton's (well-known standby, elegantly old school with a Rat Pack feel and a Sinatra soundtrack, finely marbled meats, order the 20 oz. New York strip), and Table 31 (atypical, lively bar scene, fave of local pro sports figures, skip the strip steak for the 8 oz. filet or the 14 oz. Delmonico with the by-request spice rub) . To make it up to your golf widow, you might try newcomer and local's favorite Union Trust Steakhouse , where the red-accented d├ęcor will arouse both your appetite and your passion. Improve your steak palate by ordering the vertical steak sampler, slices of meat aged for varying periods of time, and learn to recognize the importance and subtle tone changes of dry-aged steak. Uber-chain Brazilian steakhouse Fogo De Chao ( ) is a carnivore's dream, as gaucho waiters bring out 15 different cuts of exploding-with-flavor churrasco-roasted meats on a spit, carving them right onto your plate.  Each diner gets a disc that's green on one side and red on the other, indicating to your waiter if you're in "taking-a-break" or "bring-it-on" mode.  The all-you-can-eat set up is quite pricey, but you can be choosy about what cuts you sample (and skip the side dish bar).

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